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Professor William Pope,  Chair of the University Board

"You will bring a strategic outlook, unimpeachable integrity and the personal credibility to contribute as part of an engaged and forward-thinking university board."

Professor William Pope, Chair of the University Board


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an independent director of the University of Suffolk.  

Change is the defining feature of the 21st Century.  It is a great privilege to develop a new university and the University of Suffolk is entirely a product of the 21st Century.  It is building on the strengths and successes of its predecessor, University Campus Suffolk, becoming a distinctive, thriving academic community which has real impact.  Our purpose is to change the lives of individuals and communities for the better, and to inspire and enable people to make those changes.

We were founded on a bold vision of change.  As one of the UK’s newest universities, we are unencumbered by history and tradition and are committed to being an advocate and an agent of change.  We are strongly embedded in our region.  We embrace our role as independent stewards of community life and values and will use our long-term, locally based economic and cultural influence, together with our human and intellectual resources, to improve long-term prospects for all.

Our academic strategy is equally bold.  We believe that the type of education that is fit for the future as you will by now realise is one based upon the principle of embracing and causing change.  We’re committed to an academic experience that develops a new kind of student – an agile student with the foundation of skills and the attitude of mind to succeed in the face of constant change.   

And while our focus is local, our ambitions are international.  Universities must have national and international dimensions across teaching, research and business engagement, reflecting the globally connected world in which we are working.  We will compete effectively with the rest of the higher education sector, achieve national and international impact through research and innovation, and bring credit, prestige and opportunity to our students and to our region.

We are now entering a period of succession planning, with the scheduled retirement of several long-standing independent directors.  Hence we are now looking for a number of new independent directors who will join and work with the board, our recently appointed Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Team, to help continue the journey of our bold vision into reality and help us continue to write the University of Suffolk firmly onto the map.  You will bring a strategic outlook, unimpeachable integrity and the personal credibility to contribute as part of an engaged and forward-thinking university board.  Change and innovation are at the heart of our plan to realise our goals and these significant appointments offer a rare chance to shape the future of one of the UK’s newest universities. 

We will welcome experienced applicants with a solid strategic background from a wide range of careers, although we are especially keen to hear from applicants with experience and track record in Corporate Finance, Law, Education, Estates, Business, Entrepreneurship or Digital Innovation.  You will be someone with a ready-made reputation for influence and judgement and who offers a relevant and fresh perspective.  We are particularly keen to increase the diversity of our independent Board members, and to be able to exhibit an understanding of any of the student experience, innovation, good governance, business development or the international landscape for education could be an added advantage.  Crucially though, you will share our deep commitment to promoting and safeguarding our great University and its future.        

If you believe you have the skills, experience and qualities we are looking for, I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely,

Professor William Pope
Chair of the University Board