Our University

We are strongly embedded in our local region - a University of, and for the people. Through research and innovation, our national and international impact brings recognition and opportunity to the region supporting growth and development. 

The University of Suffolk is all about transformation – transforming individuals, our community, our region and beyond. Education, training and research are powerful tools to support transformation and change; we believe that by facilitating the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours we will enable our students, our community and our region to be enriched, enhanced and impacted socially, culturally and economically.  

We are committed to putting students at the centre of our thinking and the strong partnership between students and staff at the University is central to our ambitions. In a rapidly changing world, we have created a stable and supportive community where our students experience the highest quality in teaching, learning and social environments. Scholarships and high impact research are ingrained within the institution  and we offer our students a transformational experience to prepare them for their future. 



The University is bound to act in accordance with its Articles of Association, which define the structure and the way in which the it is governed by the Board.


Our Partners

The University of Suffolk
has established
a number of partnerships
both in the UK and internationally.


Our departments

The University is based around four academic Schools, working alongside
Professional Services Departments and inclusively across our partnerships.


Learning and teaching 


University of Suffolk courses are characterised by their innovative and leading-edge approaches to learning and teaching.


Quality Assurance

It is important for us to ensure that what we deliver aligns with the standards expected of higher education in the UK.


Widening Participation

Read the University's annual Access and Participation Plan, which sets out our commitment to widening participation and supporting the success of our students.