Non-executive Recruitment

Our Vision

The University of Suffolk is a cohesive, self-critical and student-centred academic community. Our vision over the next five years is to develop a broader base, be of higher academic standing, with a larger student population drawing from the region, nationally and internationally.  The University will be underpinned by an embedded scholarly base, with nationally and internationally recognised research in targeted areas.  Our role as a community impact university will be having a clear, measurable and positive impact on the economic, cultural and educational lives of the communities we serve.

Our Values and Operating Principles

We believe it is important to have a clear view of the values which underpin our activity. The following principles should be a clear and constant guide to the way we operate:

  • To be a beacon for aspiration and achievement
  • To continue to be student-focused with inspirational learning and teaching
  • To excel in meeting the expectations of our students
  • To provide a great environment to work and study
  • To drive a spirit of exploration, innovation and creativity 
  • To consistently maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold academic freedom
  • To be inclusive;valuing the contribution of every member of the institution
  • To relish challenge and enjoy success
  • To work with strategic partners for long-term mutual benefit

You can read more in our Vision for Change document